On Journaling Everyday

Journaling everyday for removing unwanted emotions, strong feelings, for insight, for seeing self, for thanking, for asking for help etc. Sit down and write the date followed by every thought and feeling that comes into one's head. If you have a hobby or interest and it enters your mind write about it if you like. If in a cafe and words of others are heard write what is heard because it entered your head.

Do not read what is written. At first one day's journal may be 3 t 6 pages or more. A year later it maybe one page. Five years hence it may be only 3 inches. Write smaller and smaller as the years go on making it harder and harder to read.

Do not attempt to form sentences. Do not edit. Do not judge what is written. Abbreviate words and names used alot. Do not be surprised if anger comes out. Do not control anything while writing. If someone reads your journal by accident do not appologize.

Save some pages when in critical times or every few years. Reading years later helps see how far one has gone. For paper, the 70 lb. Offset Smooth 8 1/2 x 11 paper 500 per ream will spoil you.

Happiness will come.

JJB, a thinker